Are you using case studies to
help your small business thrive?

Catapult Sales With Case Studies Today!

One of the fastest and cost-effective ways to create a marketing piece for your business is to write a case study. Not only can you hand it out to potential customers, but media members love them!


What is a case study?


Look at a case study as a testimonial with more detailed information. You basically give a before-and-after story about how you helped a customer reach their goals.


Depending on the style and brand image you want to convey, your case study may consist of a single page with easy-to-read content and images, or you might have several pages describing specific technologies, percentages, statistics, datelines, etc. The more information you provide, the more credible your case study appears to others.


‚ÄčCase Studies Work.


Case studies provide unique content you can use to:

  • Give reporters the data they need to give you media attention;
  • Post online to significantly boost credibility and awareness; and
  • Share with potential customers to seal the deal... and much more!

The best part is that case studies are unique to your business and offer content your competitors can't touch!


Now,  as a small business owner, you're busy.

You  don't have time to do gather the right information or write case studies in the correct way so that the search engines and media members can use them.


That's why we're here to help!


Check out our cost-effective packages below, and you'll have your own case studies you can use fast.

Ready for Done-For-You Case Studies?

Silver Package: $550.00


Do you already have the basic data, don't need an interview conducted and just need to turn your current data into an effective case study?

We'll take what you have and create a short, user-friendly case study for you!

Gold Package: $1,000.00


If you don't have any data, no worries!


With the Gold Package, we'll:


  • Discuss your specific goals and timelines regarding your case study via phone.
  • Conduct the appropriate phone or email interview with your customer.
  • Create a case study that you can use to market your small business!
  • You'll receive one edit after you receive the first draft.

Isn't time to claim your competitive edge with unique content for public relations, marketing, sales, social media, and so much more! 

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